Skiers hope new snow opens new terrain

7:12 PM, Nov 10, 2012   |    comments
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"I can't brag about it but yes," Tokarski said. 

So for as much as he likes to ski early season at Loveland right now he wants more terrain open.

"Chair 9 chutes and patrol bowl, north chutes and south chutes," Tokarski said. "Those are my favorite areas on Loveland."

The good news for Tokarski and other skiers is that it's snowing and Loveland spokesperson John Sellers says that will help a lot.

"Our snowmakers are working hard on Chair 6 and this natural snowfall and cold temps will really help," Sellers said.

It means moisture. The snowpack at the Dillon Reservoir is well below average.

Dillon marina manager Bob Evans has little choice but to put his docks in deep water just in case it's a dry winter and spring runoff is light.

" I have a lot of ramps disconnected I pulled the docks out as far into deep water as I humanly can," Evans said.

It's why Evans and Tokarski are hoping for a lot more snow this winter.

After all Tokarski will tell you when you're a fast skier like he is you want plenty of room to run the runs.

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