Fallen officer's best friend speaks

9:34 PM, Nov 11, 2012   |    comments
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That's the way Officer James Davies will be remembered by his peers. His best friend and fellow officer Timothy Jacobson has known Davies for more than six years. The two men went through the police academy together and that's where they formed a lifelong bond. But over the years of working on the force together that bond grew even stronger.

"James and I hit it off quickly," Jacobson said. "After the academy I got married and there were three guys from the academy that got an invite and James was one of them."

He described Davies as a loyal friend with a great sense of humor. He said Davies was the kind of guy who didn't take life too seriously, despite the serious nature of their line of work.

"He could do practical jokes on a large scale and he would get the entire records section on his side for practical jokes," Jacobson said.

But jokes aside Davies was a man who loved his family and an officer who everyone would want protecting their community. He was driven, he took his job seriously and he went the extra mile every day.

"It goes to show his heart and desire to be a man of service. He loved doing it, he had such a passion for it," Jacobson said.

On Thursday night, Davies and Jacobson went to dinner together and enjoyed a quick break before returning to work. That was just hours before Davies would start an overnight overtime shift.

"I bought dinner that night and I heard on the radio that he was going to take the overnight shift. As I was walking out the door I said 'hey James just be safe tonight,'" Jacobson said.

Those were his last words to his best friend. Hours later, James would respond to a call that would be his last. Davies was mistaken by one of his fellow officers as a suspect and was shot and killed, but he died wearing the uniform and badge he was so proud of. He died serving a community that's now even stronger because of officers like Davies - who go the extra mile and take the extra shifts because of their passion and dedication to what they do.

On Monday Lakewood police department is expected to announce more information on funeral arrangements for Davies. A fund has been set up at the Foothills Credit union. All of the money donated will go towards Davies' two young kids.

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