Failed to Death: Grayson Hunt

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Grayson Hunt
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Age: 2 mos.
Born: July 9, 2009
Died: Sept 18, 2009
Location: Thornton
Suspect in death: Krysta and Jeffery Hunt, parents

The 2-month-old's mother, Krysta Hunt, left the infant on a bed between two pillows while she made a phone call. When she returned 15 minutes later, Grayson was not breathing. He was lying on his stomach with his face smothered in one of the many dirty, plastic bags that littered the family's Thornton home, according to a state and county review of Grayson's death.

Grayson died on Sept. 18, 2009.

It was not the first time caseworkers from Adams County were alerted to the mess the Hunt family was living in. Almost two years before Grayson died, caseworkers were called to the home after a fire broke out in May 2007.

Discarded diapers and garbage were scattered throughout the home. Hunt and her husband told caseworkers that they had had the flu and had fallen behind in cleaning the home. Child protection workers made a finding for medium neglect on the parents, offered voluntary services and closed the assessment.

When caseworkers returned to the home the day Grayson died, rooms were so cluttered it was hard to walk without tripping, according to the review. Dirty dishes and half-eaten food were scattered throughout the house and about four inches of standing water was left in an upstairs bathtub.

In the bedroom where Grayson died, plastic garbage bags, wire and batteries cluttered the room. A roll of plastic wrap was left on the edge of the bed where Grayson was sleeping.

Grayson died of asphyxia by suffocation. The manner of death was ruled to be an accident.

In July 2010, Krysta Hunt pleased guilty to child abuse negligently causing death. She was sentenced to five years supervised probation.

Read the Fatality Review

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