Friend of murder plot suspect: I didn't see this coming

10:49 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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"He lives in a pretty nice neighborhood. The usual family," Jennifer said.

Jennifer graduated from Broomfield High School with Mitchell Kusick in 2011, and says she even visited his house.

"He's got a brother and both his parents are still together, so I don't know. I thought the house had a nice atmosphere and there didn't seem to be any issues," she said.

They took an AP bio class together.

"He was always a really nice kid. He was respectful to the teacher. He liked learning. He was athletic. People liked him. So, I just didn't see this coming at all," she said.

Jennifer says Kusick was never bullied, and never bullied anyone else.

"I was just shocked more than anything because of all the people I knew from that school he's probably one of the last people I would have suspected of planning something like this," Jennifer said.

Kusick's Facebook page shows the Colorado Mesa University nursing student smiling in a Bronco's jersey, and competing in Longmont's Oktoberfest triathlon.

It was around this time federal prosecutors say he was devising a plot to assassinate President Obama during a trip to Colorado, and carry out a mass shooting attack on young children at Standley Lake High School's "Trick or Treat Street" event.

Kay Johnson can't comprehend more bad news in her neighborhood, already rocked by the Jessica Ridgeway tragedy

"My grandchildren are here and they had planned to go to the event, the Halloween event," Johnson said. "Just unbelievable because it doesn't feel like my neighborhood."

Former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt says the 20-year-old's arrest will allow him to get the help he needs.

"Unfortunately this appears to be someone with a significant mental illness," Van Zandt said. "This will help to make him a productive member of society instead of what he may have hoped to have been, which might have been a mass murderer."

Jennifer says her thoughts are with her friend, his brother, and parents.

"I'm sure his family is going through a difficult time right now. It can't be easy for them. I'm sure they didn't know either," she said.

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