State senator to ask for high-level meeting

2:53 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Her request comes after an eight part series by 9NEWS and The Denver Post that critically reviewed how state and county Department of Human Services handle child abuse and neglect calls.

"[Preventing child abuse and neglect] will be an emphasis in the next session," State Senator Linda Newell, D-Littleton, told 9Wants to Know Monday afternoon.

Newell said she hoped to meet with Hickenlooper before Thanksgiving.

"I want to take the temperature and work to set an agenda for the next session," she said.

When asked what specifically she plans to say to Hickenlooper in a meeting, she said,
"I need to collaborate with them privately first."

Newell said state leadership in both the House and Senate asked her to take the lead on setting such an agenda.

The joint 9NEWS/Denver Post investigation showed 72 children had been "failed to death" in the last five years. Counties' Department of Human Services had received complaints about each child, the child's family or the child's caregivers before the child died.

Of those 72 kids, counties' Department of Human Services ignored abuse complaints in the cases of 14 children.

The investigation also showed more than 3,000 complaints in one year never received a proper investigation.

See the whole series at:

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