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Helping people find happiness in snail mail

9:25 AM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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However, with the emergence of e-communication, personal mail is rarely sent. Instead, forums such as text, email and social media is used to communicate with friends and family.

Despite what people may think, more studies are showing people are less connected with each other than they used to be.

E-communication can convey a quick "hello" or "what are you doing," but is inefficient when trying to send a tangible object from one place to another.

People all across the world are struggling with bad economies, natural disasters and personal tragedies. This is why Patti Kinnear decided to start the "Happy Mail" phenomenon - to make people happy.

Kinnear got the idea when she moved from Colorado to Minnesota because of her husband's new job. The move was tough because she was unable to be with her grandmother who was back in Colorado fighting Alzheimer's.

Both Kinnear and her grandmother were upset, so they started corresponding via snail mail in hopes of cheering each other up.

Kinnear told her grandmother each day she looked forward to receiving "Happy Mail." When her grandmother asked what she meant, Kinnear explained how she would shuffle through the stack of mail to see if there was anything from her grandmother.

From this point, the two of them wrote "Happy Mail" on things they sent each other.

To partake in "Happy Mail," simply put a "Happy Mail" sticker on stationery, boxes and/or greeting cards, then mail them.

They come in three different sizes and colors: small, medium and large. Packets of fun stickers are available for any kind of mail. The colors consist of green, pink and black. Each of them are $5 and include a 40-sticker multi-pack, 48-sticker letter pack or 31-sticker package pack.

For more information, you can go to

Nate Chisholm contributed to this report.

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