Crime in your cubicle: Police warn of spike in workplace theft

9:36 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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She contacted the 9Wants to Know investigators, who learned this type of theft is more common this time of year.

We often don't realize how vulnerable our offices really are.

Blair, who asked us not to reveal to her last name, found out the hard way.
"It's probably one of the worst feelings that I've ever had," Blair said.

Blair has a big month ahead.

"I am 8 months pregnant with my second baby boy," she said.

With that baby bump come swollen fingers.

"I cannot wear my wedding ring. I try every morning," she said.

And every afternoon, she takes the ring off, tucks it in her wallet, and puts it in her desk - which is what she did Tuesday before going to a meeting.

"Somebody came and took my wallet and went on a shopping spree," Blair said.

Security cameras show a man walking into Blair's office with a backpack and walking out five minutes later.

The same man was caught on camera at Kmart charging more than $800 on Blair's credit card. He also made a $50 gasoline purchase and attempted to the use the card at King Soopers.

Englewood police are investigating.

Blair's husband Chris says they both feel violated.

"It was terrible. I can't replace my wife's wedding ring," Chris said.

Denver Police Department spokesman John White says the holidays can mean a spike in office thefts, but it's a year-round problem.

In September, DPD officers arrested a woman they call a serial purse snatcher.

Winter Yates was caught on camera clutching clutches from downtown offices.

"It can happen very quickly and it happens, unfortunately, too often. Purses, wallets, pocketbooks, those things are prime targets for thieves," White said.

Police also recommend locking items in your desk or office. And never share personal information with a coworker you don't really know and trust.

If you see someone unfamiliar in your office who looks suspicious, police say find a safe way to report them.
They could be casing the place, looking for the items you leave at your desk.

White says your safest bet is to leave your valuables at home, something Blair will definitely be doing now.

She hopes to have her wedding back on her finger before baby number two comes.

"I just want my ring back. Somebody else has it and it breaks my heart," Blair said.

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