Tony Olmstead's truck with father's ashes inside recovered by police

8:33 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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"He was always there for us," Olmstead said. "All I can remember is him being there for us, our whole family."

The father and son shared a first name and a love for working on a 2002 pickup truck. The two purchased tools to work on the truck and spent hours fixing it up.

"It is really a memory of that we'll share and always have, but there are a lot of memories and things with that vehicle ," he said.

Two years ago their lives changed. Tony's father was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"Two years ago is actually when I went to the VA hospital with him, and I kind of was there for him as he was for me my entire life," he said.

His father eventually lost his battle with cancer.

"After my dad passed away, [he] was cremated. About a year ago, [my mom] sent me some ashes in a little box."

On Nov.16, both his truck along with the ashes were stolen from outside a Lakewood bar. More than a week later Olmstead received a call from police saying they'd found the truck.

"This is the box I had them in. They were just looking for things of value tools and things like that," Olmstead said. "They looked at it and thought there wasn't anything of value."

But those ashes are very valuable to Tony Olmstead. He says he's grateful to have them back.

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