Warning to parents: Watch out for weed candy

6:51 PM, Jan 5, 2013   |    comments
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It's the latest way marijuana is being consumed illegally and it's turning up at some Pennsylvania schools.

It may be the next generation in illegal pot consumption.

"I feel like kids are always coming up with something new in terms of doing drugs in school and ways to hide it. So I'm not really surprised," one parent said.

Detectives in Montgomery County say weed candy was turned in by a concerned parent who was suspicious about the crude looking candy found in a plastic bags.

"They'll grind the marijuana down. and then they will combine it with vegetable oil to create an extract," Det. Andrew Rathfon, with the Upper Meriou Twp. Police Department said. "And then they'll take that extract and combine it with corn syrup and sugar and mold it into these."

Police say it's designed to have the same effect as smoking pot, but avoids detection by not having to light up.

"This is something that would easily fly under the radar. Most parents wouldn't think twice about this or think that it was drugs, nor would teachers and law enforcement," Rathfon said. 

Investigators say it is parents who have to have the first line of defense against pot candy.

"There's always something else. And I don't know you crack down on that without banning all candy!" one mom said.

"It worries you but if you told me it was heroin candy or crack candy I'd be more concerned," a father said. "But weed candy?"

"I would definitely have a talk with them because I'm sure they're not aware of it but they may be and I just don't know about it! So it's definitely something I would talk to my kids about!" said another mom.

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