Hot-air balloon wedding crash caught on camera

8:04 AM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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The bride and groom had just exchanged wedding vows Monday afternoon when their hot air balloon crash landed in the backyard of a San Diego home.

A hard crash landing startled newlyweds Karen and Jonathan Narccis. They had just exchanged wedding vows thousands of feet in the air. Then, they were on their sides, stranded in a stranger's backyard.
Shawna Pergondi, one of the six loved ones witnessing the mile-high wedding, did not skip a beat recording the entire crash with her cellphone.

Later, at their reception in La Jolla, the newlyweds explained what happened.

Ironically, the groom is deathly afraid of heights. Going on that balloon, he said, was a testament to his love.

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