A reunion 60 years in the making

12:43 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Sue See's biological mother gave her up at birth in a state with sealed adoption records 61 years ago.

See requested her birth certificate as soon as the law changed.

When it arrived she finally learned her mother's name: Alice Steele.

Her daughter typed it into Ancestry.com and found a match.

See called Steele and to her surprise her mother told her she couldn't wait to meet her.

Carrying an "It's a Girl" balloon and a sign announcing her reunion, see found plenty of company as she waited for her mother's flight at Tampa International Airport.

Strangers shared their support, and similar stories.

Sue greeted her her mother and little sister June with a big hug.

They'll stay in Florida for a week, getting to know each other and making up for lost time they never dreamed possible.

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