CSU co-eds find creative way to pay for college

10:14 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Now, some female co-eds at Colorado State University are clicking on the website SeekingArrangement.com to help do just that. 

"It's actually the world's largest sugar daddy - sugar baby dating website," said Angela Jacob Bermudo, the website's Public Relations Manager.

"It's essentially a dating website where generous men, who are looking for - usually younger women," Bermudo said.

Bermudo refers to these "generous" men as "sugar daddies."

"The sugar babies are essentially women who go the website who specifically are looking for a man that has a higher economic - or you know social standing than she does," Bermudo added. "[It's] usually in order to better herself."

Bermudo says the young women have high financial aspirations.

"A lot of the women that come on here are looking for mentors as well," Bermudo said. "Whether it's because they are tired of being in their own social class, or they want to sort of, you know, venture in to find like investors or someone who can mentor them in a business sense."

Bermudo calls the relationships that are formed "mutually beneficial."

Critics simply call it prostitution.

Bermudo contends that sex is not the intent. However, she says that if two people really like each other, they may end up having sex. She says sex is certainly allowed, but not expected.

"What they're looking for here is companionship," Bermudo added.

"The premise behind it is that it's never one-sided. The man provides monetary financial help. And the woman in turn is a little bit more appreciative of what the man has to offer," Bermudo said.

According to Bermudo, men usually feel less pressure in these relationships.

"[It's] a lot less critical than in a normal dating relationship, where women usually are a little bit...they feel a little bit more inclined to be jealous. Or you know they tend to nit pick at whatever the man does. Which doesn't really fly, especially when you have men in higher income standings."

Bermudo doesn't think it's fair to compare it to an escort service.

"Those are transactional services where it's essentially, 'hey I pay you money for coming with me to go somewhere.'"

"Some of these men actually just offer up their mentorship - or to help out with tuition. Or sometimes it even comes in the forms of stocks and bonds. And the difference between that and an escort service is an escort service is strictly superficial," Bermudo said. "All they do is pay for their time and then it's kind of like a - what I would call like a 'wham bam thank you ma'am.' And that's not what SeekingArrangements is about. It' more I would say contractual."

However, Bermudo admitted that they do not require those who use the site to actually sign contracts.

"There have been some cases where there have been some non-disclosure agreements, just because you know - a lot of these men...they're either really high CEOs or they might even work in some industries that wouldn't be too keen on these type of relationships," Bermudo said. "They just don't want personal information getting out there."

The company also owns the website whatsyourprice.com. Bermudo explained that this website involves bidding for dates.

This could be seen by some as paying for something that used to be free.

"Generous members are allowed to bid for a chance at a first date with an attractive member," Bermudo said.

Essentially, users would decide whether they want to pay people to go on a first date with them - or whether they want to get paid for going on the date.

"The surprising thing about whatsyourprice.com is actually a lot of times the people really, really hit it off the women don't take the money. It honestly is just a way of kind of putting your money where your mouth is, as in showing hey, 'I like you and I would like the chance to go out with you.'"

The company also owns seekingmillionaire.com, which specializes in millionaire matchmaking.

"You could either find a really good friend," Bermudo smiled. "Or, you can find the person that you're going to end up marrying and having like a million kids with."

And maybe even a million dollars.

"There's the bonus there," Bermudo laughed. 

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