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Foods that can fight the flu

8:06 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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There are some ways however that you can stay healthy - aside from washing your hands and keeping your work space sanitized.

They're called foods for fighting the flu. 

9NEWS Medical Expert Dr. John Torres says there are a number of different vitamins in food that can help your body fight off germs.

According to Dr. Torres, there are three key immune boosting tools.

"Vitamins D, C and protein. [They are] the [vitimins] I'd focus on the most because getting enough of those in your system really help boost your immune system. They really help you get over these flus and colds as long as you have them on board before it starts. Now with Vitamin C, we know that having the flu, [Vitmin C] can really help fight it. But once you start getting sick, trying to 'megadose' isn't really going to help a whole lot. Simply [you need to eat] right." Dr. John Torres said.

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