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Step up to the barre - at home

11:02 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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Locally owned The Ballet Physique, founded by Kristen Zurekis, has just released the Ballet Physique DVD Collection.  The method is designed to produce lean and strong bodies through a combination of strength training, cardio, Pilates, and a touch of classical ballet. 

Kristen visited the 9NEWS studio for a demonstration and give some tips about how to keep New Years Resolutions going strong.  Check out the video player above for the demo.  Here are her tips:  

  1. Go with a friend! Studies show that exercising buddies are 80 percent more likely to stick with a workout than going to it alone. Ask your studio if they provide referral rewards for bringing a friend or scout out a studio where the environment is inviting and make new friends to meet up with!
  2. Put on your blinders: Barre workouts are great for the energetic and motivating atmosphere of the group, however it is not "one size fits all". Try not to compare yourself to the person working out next to you. Listen to your body and the instructor if they are providing a modification that might benefit you. It's always better to have good form than suffer through an exercise "just because".
  3. On the other side, don't be afraid to push yourself! Maintaining proper technique is most important, however if you have been doing the same class at the same level for the last few years and are stuck in a rut, it's time to take it up a notch. See if your barre studio offers an Advanced Level class for an added challenge or maybe a different format that fuses barre technique with another style of workout. Keep your metabolism guessing!
  4. Don't cut yourself short. Meaning, stay for the whole class! We all know work and life can get pretty busy, however, do yourself a favor and commit to showing up on time and staying through the end of class. The first and last five minutes can sometimes be the most crucial for a safe workout. Whether you feel like it or not, the body needs time to warm up and just as much time to cool down so you don't throw all the hard work away.
  5. Speak up! Whether you're a seasoned "barre-bie" or a rookie, make sure you talk to your instructors. Let them know if you have any injuries and ask ahead of time if there are modifications they can provide for you (hopefully they are asking this in class as well). If you are unsure of an exercise or how to properly perform it, see if the instructor will stay after to assist you; they should be happy to do so.
After applying these tips, you should be confident when stepping up to the barre! 

To learn more about the DVD Collection, visit here.

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