Friday debate on guns may last late into the night

5:03 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER - Four gun control measures passed through committee hearings in the Colorado House of Representatives this week will come up for a full floor debate on Friday.

The floor session begins at 9 a.m., but Republicans are preparing for a lengthy debate, which multiple sources tell 9NEWS could stretch until midnight. Democrats limited discussion on some of the bills in an Appropriations Committee Thursday, angering some Republican committee members who wanted to have their say.

A Republican was so upset at the looming gun-control debate that he compared the Democratic House to an authoritarian regime that stifles debate. Democrats countered that those arguments on the police of the bills belong on the house floor.

One Democrat was even called from the bedside of her ailing mother-in-law to steer through the gun-control package over GOP objections. Rep. Lois Court of Denver was excused to attend to her sick relative, but she was summoned to a House committee to keep her bill about background-check fees from being delayed.

A gun-control package proposed by Colorado Democrats continued its march through the Legislature Wednesday as a committee approved a bill to make public college campuses off-limits for concealed weapons. The measure, endorsed 7-6 on a party-line House Education Committee vote, would end Colorado's status as one of the few states where concealed weapons can be carried on college campuses.

A separate House committee approved new fees for gun purchasers seeking background checks. The gun bills were the latest in a package of Democratic gun-control measures under consideration this year.

A separate House committee voted Tuesday to set ammunition limits and expand background checks for gun buyers. Both hearings were packed with gun-rights supporters who tried in vain to stop the measures.

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