Leadville goes blonde for a good cause

6:43 PM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
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LEADVILLE - Maybe it's true, maybe blondes do have more fun.

Inside Leadville's City Hall there are a lot of blondes laughing even if getting laughs isn't exactly Omar Loya's main goal.

"We wanted to do something to stand out in the community," Loya said.

Loya is a Leadville Police Officer and had the idea to dye his hair blond, not a common thing for him to do.

"Especially a Latino blond," Loya said. "It's rare around here.

Then he convinced many others around town to do the same.

The number is upward of 16 right now, and Sage Betolas who is also with the Leadville Police Department says it's growing.

"We have firefighters. We have members of the hospital, members of the Sheriff's Department dispatch, the jail courtroom security deputies [and] we have victims advocates," Betolas said.

It's a blonde barrage for a fundraising event to help Lake County Sheriff's Deputy Grant Williams.

"The support has been amazing. I can only imagine what it would be like if I didn't write all those tickets," Williams said.

In a way the blonde ambition tour to hit Leadville is kind of his idea because Williams is also an active reservist who while serving in Kuwait and Iraq started a tradition with his military unit of dying their hair blond before shaving it.

"You could always tell who were friends with each other," Williams said.

Once again Grant knows who his friends are because now he's fighting cancer and his hair is falling out from the chemo. So, to help raise money to help Grant and his family pay mounting bills his friends and colleagues are continuing Grant's pre-shave blonde tradition for a fundraising event, even if it's not been easy for those like John Ortiz.

"My hair was so dark it took two rounds to get it to this color then it started burning too much," Ortiz said.

Others like Cody Blackford have had better luck getting that bright blonde Billy Idol hair thanks to the right product.

"I think it was nice and easy. It is very bright, very different," Blackford said.

Ortiz however has ended up with more of a pumpkin tone.

"When it first turned orange I had to try it again the objective was to go blonde," Ortiz said.

Still, despite certain ridicule and the pain of hair coloration this group is pressing on.

"Broken arm, laceration to my arm and a root canal that I had - and my hair in that same order of pain," Loysa said.

More than happy to go blonde, at least once knowing soon their hair, and more importantly Grant, will get better and these blondes will have plenty to laugh about for years to come.

If you would like to know more about how you can help Grant you can visit the fundraising Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/L.C.S.O.FightAgainstCancer

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