Test your knowledge: Presidents' Day trivia

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American Soilder and first President of the United States General George Washington (1732 -1799) and members of congress consulting with Betsy Ross s at 239 Arch St. in Philidelphia where the first American flag is reputed to have been made in1776. June 14, 2001 is Flag Day in the United States. (Photo by Getty Images)
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KUSA- Is Monday more than just a day off of work? Test your knowledge of the holiday as well as some fun facts about the Presidents of the United States with our ten-question trivia.


1. Q: Is Presidents' Day a federal holiday?

2. Q: Is Presidents' Day always celebrated on George Washington's birthday?

3. Q: How do you celebrate Presidents' Day/Washington's Birthday?

4. Q: How old would George Washington be this year?

5. Q: Who were the very first father and son Presidents?

6. Q: Who was the only president never to marry?

7. Q: Who was the tallest president in history?

8. Q: How many left-handed presidents have there been?

9. Q: Has there ever been a vegetarian president?

10. Q: What is the 'First Dog's' (President Obama's Dog's) name?


1. Yes, however it is officially called Washington's Birthday. Presidents' Day was started by President Nixon in honor of all past U.S. Presidents, and set on Washington's Birthday. Both President Lincoln and Washington's birthdays are in February.
2. No. Washington's actual birthday is February 22. In 1971, the federal holiday was changed to the third Monday in February. This makes the day fall between February 15 and 21, so it actually never falls on Washington's actual birthday.
3. In addition to a day off of work, many celebrate with cherries! Desserts like cherry pie, cake, bread or just a bowl of cherries are common. This all started as a result of the story that Washington would not tell a lie when asked if he cut down a cherry tree.
4. 281 years old
5. John Adams and John Quincy Adams
6. James Buchanan
7. Abraham Lincoln, at 6'4".
8. There have been eight that we know of, but his number may not be accurate because being left-handed was discouraged back in the day. People who were born left-handed were often forced to write with their right hand.
9. No. Former President Bill Clinton began veganism after his presidency, but a vegetarian acting president has never been recorded.
10. Bo. He is a black and white Portuguese water dog.

Morgan Aguilar contributed to this report

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