Anti-gravity treadmill eases toll on lower body

8:40 AM, Feb 26, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - A new kind of treadmill that defies the laws of physics is gaining popularity in the medical community for its use in rehabbing injuries.

The "anti-gravity" treadmill - known at the AlterG - is an FDA-approved piece of equipment that helps the body not take the kind of pounding it would at full gravity.

The patient puts on special shorts that zip to the machine, creating a vacuum from the waist down. Air is then pumped into the area, easing the effects of gravity.

Some patients say it feels like running on the moon. Doctors say it's helping them start physical therapy treatments sooner.

"Because of the anti-gravity technology, we can now put a patient in there and be able to start any type of training - whether it's endurance training, gait training or balance training at a much faster rate," Hector Jason, a physical therapist, said.

In addition to rehab, the treadmill is also helpful for an overweight patient looking to start an exercise program or for runners wanting to add miles to their workout without the pounding on their feet.

To learn more about the treadmill, visit the manufacture website at


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