Silver Creek's Allman getting used to the spotlight

5:14 PM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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All the attention can make Valarie Allman a little bashful.

"That's very accurate," said Allman laughing.

The Silver Creek senior will try anything to deal with the pressure, even yoga.

"Every now and then i do my little 'Nameste' thing and it doesn't really help, but I like to think it does," Allman told 9NEWS.

She is turning the discus event at local track and field meets in to the main event.

"Sometimes I think women's discus gets a little overlooked, but it's nice to kind of bring it back and draw some attention to it," said Allman.

That's what happens when your throws are going 50,60 feet farther than your opponents. She's actually just a few feet away from breaking the all-time national high school record.

"Is it possible? yes," throws coach Brian Gunnarson told 9NEWS, "Are we ever going to go out and say this is the day we're going to go out and do it? No."

Gunnarson is lucky to have Allman.

"Before doing track and field I was a dancer so it's hard to believe a dancer has a knack for throwing the discus," said Allman.

She left the state for the ring, and it's working out. She's signed to compete at Stanford, has Olympic dreams, and hopes the discus is always a part of her life.

"Whether it's mentoring or coaching or throwing as a senior citizen, I love it and I'm excited to see where it takes me," said Allman.

Right now it's taking her to the center of attention, which she is still getting used to.

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