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Elaine Redwine: Whoever killed my son is a monster

6:44 PM, Jun 30, 2013   |    comments
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La Plata County, Colo. - Up until now, Elaine Redwine hasn't commented publicly on her son's remains being found on the side of a mountain in Vallecito, Colorado. On Sunday, she sat down with 9NEWS to talk about Dylan's life and death.

The last time Elaine Redwine saw her son and spoke to him was in November, 2012. Dylan was about to board a plane to spend Thanksgiving break at his father's home in Vallecito. Vallecito is a tiny community about 30 minutes east of Durango.

"It was at the airport and he was getting on the airplane and I said, 'Oh don't be such a man! Give your mom a hug. And he gave me a big ole' hug and I told him I loved him," Elaine Redwine said.

"You must have been pretty grateful for that," asked 9NEWS Reporter Kevin Torres.

"I am," Redwine replied. "But I'm still angry that he didn't come back in one piece. And you know, I sent him there. I sent him here. And I no way thought he would never come back to us".

That was then, and this is now.

"I just miss who he was as a person," Elaine Redwine said.

For Redwine, the last seven months seem like a blur - gated and trapped in her memory. She knows teenage boys are supposed to become men, graduate, marry and have kids.

"They're supposed to play baseball every summer he was supposed to go to high school this year, yeah. I mean, lots of things Dylan's not able to do," Elaine Redwine said.

They're not supposed to be found... found the same way Dylan was.

"The fact that his bones were spread. The fact that wildlife got to him. Whoever did this is just a monster. To not do something proper, He deserved so much more than to just have his remains eaten by wildlife," Elaine Redwine said.

Redwine can't even bury her son yet, because his remains are part of an ongoing investigation.

"[He was] the best son in the world, you know? I was very blessed to have had him for 13 years. And now I need to learn how to grab strength from above and move on and do things down here to show Dylan how much we care and love him," Elaine Redwine said.

The La Plata County Sheriff's Department says Dylan's death is being handled as a criminal investigation. They're currently searching for the person who ultimately killed him.

A new effort is being spearheaded by Dylan's mother and supporters called "Justice for Dylan". They're working with law enforcement to track down his killer.

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