Unprecedented 6,000 people to be called as potential jurors in theater shooting trial

9:35 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - When the Aurora Theater Shooting trial begins it could last more than three months - and as many as 6,000 people from Arapahoe County residents could be called to potentially serve on the jury.

It's an unprecedented number for any trial held in Colorado.

According to Laurie McKager, District Administrator with the 18th Judicial District, there has never been a summons of 6,000 people in Colorado's history.

It means that there's a 1.3% chance that if you get a jury summons in Arapahoe County, it will be for this case.

There are about 450,000 eligible voters in the county.

For those who do serve on the jury - it's important to note - your employer is required to pay you $50 each day for the first three days. An employer can add that $50 to your salary - or they can pay just the fifty. It's up to the employer.

"A lot of employers have policies where they do continue to pay a portion - or all of the salary," said Laurie McKager, District Administrator with the 18th Judicial District. "It really depends upon the employer."

On the fourth day that responsibility switches over to the state.
Colorado will pay jurors $50 dollars per day for the remainder of the trial.

For many, getting paid $50 a day isn't an option.

McKager says if that's the case - it's up to you to explain that to the court during the jury selection process.

Click here for more information on employer requirements.

Notices will go out at the beginning of January. The jury selection process along is expected to take two months.

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