Weld County school allows teachers to conceal and carry handguns

9:22 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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WELD COUNTY - A rural Weld County school is arming teachers to keep its students safe.

Briggsdale School plans to allow teachers who want to conceal and carry to do so.

Briggsdale administrators have been considering their policies in the wake of the school shooting at Sandy Hook. Briggsdale is a 20-minute response drive from police, on average.

"Twenty minutes is a long time," Superintendent Rick Mondt said.

He says about 4 of 18 teachers plan to conceal and carry. They will be well-trained, he says.

Jane Dougherty, who lives in Littleton and is the sister of Sandy Hook victim Sherlach, disagrees with the policy.

Sherlach was Sandy Hook's school psychologist.

"I can sympathize with their location, and they're small, but to me, that's an accident waiting to happen," Dougherty said. "I think about my sister. She would never, ever want to be somebody walking around with a gun."

Mondt says the policy came after much discussion.

"It's not ideal. I never would have thought we would even have this conversation," Mondt said. "It's not that we just want to have a gun in a school. It's because it really is a benefit, we believe, to the security of our students."

Mondt says they thought of hiring a security officer, but for such a small school it didn't seem to make sense. Meantime, teachers are all being trained in "tactical medical training" for other types of emergencies.

Weld County sheriff John Cooke told 9NEWS on Monday he fully supports the plan to train and arm teachers at Briggsdale.

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