BLOG: Getting suckered on purpose to expose the free airline tickets letters

9:08 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - Letters, some with the words "US Airlines" or "Delta," have been infiltrating thousands of mailboxes not only across Colorado, but the country for years.

The letters say you've been awarded tickets and contain a number to call to claim them. Come on, who are these people really trying to fool? 

From what I've seen first-hand, the "US Airline" letters are successful in luring married couples to a Denver area office where they're asked to spend more than $10,000 on a travel club membership. Timeshare and travel agency presentation gifts for potential customers are nothing new and are often successful for companies and people.

But this gimmick involves layers of companies, some of them who initially shirked responsibility when we asked them about the letters. 

Some people connected with this tactic wouldn't answer direct questions about who they really worked for. As I write I this, 9NEWS is still putting together this piece for Monday which involves undercover video and even a police response. We'll show you who really is "US Airlines," and the company behind the ploy.

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