Thieves steal puppies, hit witness with car

11:26 PM, Nov 11, 2013   |    comments
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NORTHGLENN - Northglenn Police are searching for two men who stole three puppies from a pet store off of 104th Avenue.

The man grabbed the dogs, ran out the store's back door and then hopped in to a black SUV. The person driving the SUV struck a witness who tried to stop them and then fled the scene.
"The driver looked at me. She was female. And just looked at me for 10 seconds. And in my head I was like 'They know they're caught. They're not going to do anything," said Kris Goggin, the man who was hit.

Goggin was wrong. He tried moving out of the way when the woman drove forward, but he got clipped.

"The corner of her car kind of clipped me right here and I went up on to the hood and then fell back on my butt," Goggin said.
The people who stole the dogs got away with two Maltese puppies and one German Shepherd puppy. Together the dogs are worth $1,900.

"I'm just shocked. It makes you sick to your stomach," store owner Sandy McDonald said.

Three other people were able to write down the black SUV's plate number. Police are investigating.
Whoever was involved could be facing theft and hit-and-run charges, said Northglenn Police Sergeant Ian Lopez.

"Generally speaking [crimes like this] don't usually end up with accidents involving a witness. So that's probably the more unusual of the two portions of this story right now," Lopez added.

Anyone with information is asked to call Northglenn Police at 303-450-8893.

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