Knowshon Moreno cries like a faucet

10:56 PM, Dec 1, 2013   |    comments
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USA TODAY - An eagle-eyed CBS cameraman caught Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno crying after the national anthem prior to Sunday's AFC West matchup between the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Just in case you needed another reminder that NFL players are unbelievable specimens, witness Moreno's superhuman tear ducts.

After the game Moreno said the emotions of playing in the NFL got to him. Moreno tore his ACL two years ago during a game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium then struggled in the 2012 season.

"Just being so blessed to play this game and being a part of this team, and the different things that go on through out your life," Moreno told reporters. "Just the emotion always gets me. I just love this game so much. I guess it got the best of me again."

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