Tips to prevent holiday burglaries

7:04 PM, Dec 10, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - 'Tis the season for spending lots of money - and for protecting those purchases from burglars.

"People who commit crimes are always looking for an opportunity," Greeley Police officer Mark Forgue said. "There are probably more opportunities at the moment, because people are spending money, buying gifts and having gifts around."

He says keeping doors locked is crucial because burglars are opportunists. He also says it's often the case that the damage to a car is a far greater loss to the car owner than anything stolen from inside the vehicle.

So what about tips for the home?

If you are going on vacation, Forgue says make sure to get your newspaper delivery stopped for the time you're gone.

He says you shouldn't broadcast on social media that you're on vacation. Often, crimes like burglary can happen by someone you know.

He recommends timers for lights around your home. If you don't have a timer, don't leave your porch light on all the time.

"If people are driving down the street and they look and see that your porch light is on every day, it's going to be pretty obvious nobody's home," Forgue said.

If you're home, he says, it's important that valuables can't be seen from outside. That goes for Christmas trees, too.

"I would be careful about having my gifts around the tree exposed for any real length of time, where people can see in the house," Forgue said.

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