Pot business changes practice after story

10:34 PM, Dec 31, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER - The brave new world of legal marijuana is all about the details.

A story 9NEWS aired Sunday got the attention of many viewers who emailed and posted on social media noting one thing in the piece: the fact that workers at a local pot shop, Botana Care in Northglenn, were licking wrapping papers as they made joints.

The video also caught the attention of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

"In a regulated market, that's simply not acceptable," NCIA deputy director Betty Aldworth said. "The business that was filmed has already identified that it is in fact a problem. They've changed their practices and they are now selling all of their joints exclusively with water."

Botana Care says workers never had to roll a joint for business before, so they were not clear on the rules.


While there are no specific rules against licking joints, there are regulations saying adequate sanitation has to be maintained. Aldworth says it's obvious, licking a joint is not sanitary. But she does not fault Botana Care, saying retailers are in uncharted territory.

"This is just another example of the kinds of learning that we can experience here and apply immediately," she said.

What is not immediate is the long term effect of pot use. 9NEWS medical expert Dr. John Torres is asking pot users to keep that in mind.

"It has cancer causing substances in it. Some advocates say it has substances that counter those and that might be true. We don't know the long term implications of getting those carcinogens or cancer causing substances into your lungs," Dr. Torres said.

Also unclear, is what legalization could mean in the long run when it comes to minors.

Pot is already the number one reason students are kicked out of schools in Colorado.

Critics are concerned legalization will make pot even easier for minors to get a hold of.

Aldworth says it's up to parents.

"Now that the industry has done its job making sure the packaging doesn't appeal to young people, parents have to do their job of ensuring that their cannabis products are kept safely," she said.

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