Customer details kitchen remodel nightmare

7:16 PM, Jan 8, 2014   |    comments
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KUSA - Claims against a home remodeling company have a left metro Denver family with and unfinished kitchen, and without $20,000.

The family says the company ran out on the job and refused to finish.

"You'd think somebody who paid as much money as I did wouldn't be doing dishes in their bathroom," Brian Tritz said.

He had the idea for a kitchen remodel, a dream for Tritz and his young family that ended in a nightmare

"It all just imploded," he said.

His dishes are in his upstairs bathroom. His pantry is in his living room. His kitchen is unrecognizable.

Tritz hired Eddie's Home Services. In two checks, he fronted the company $20,000.

"I don't have that kind of money. This is my savings. I worked hard for that money," he said.

The job was supposed to be done three weeks ago. It's not. Instead, Tritz and his sons are eating take out for every meal.

"I just feel betrayed. That's the biggest thing," Tritz said.

Eddie's Home Service stopped work on the job last week, because the company lost a chunk of its workforce after a payroll dispute. Tritz called the owner, Eddie himself, for an explanation.

"[Eddie] told me basically to figure out my kitchen on my own and hung up on me," Tritz said.

"Conversations in the past, sometimes emotions get running high on both sides of the coin," Jason Simich responded.

Simich is the company's sales director. He told 9news he wants to make it right.

"I offered to have our new employees come out to finish the job," Simich said.

Yet it's not the only customer complaint Simich faces. Laura Beatty says she wrote a $15,000 check to Eddie's as a down payment on a $30,000 job. A job she says is overdue and unfinished. Like Tritz's kitchen, Simich plans to get it worked out.

"We're changing processes and procedures here to accommodate that and make sure things like this don't happen," Simich said.

Eddie's Home Services acknowledged that it is late on Tritz's remodel. They say their goal is to finish the job and honor the original contract.

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