Line9 Schedule

9News offers viewers the opportunity to speak to an expert, whether it be an attorney, doctor, career coach or any other expert through our Line9.  Call 303-698-0999 to speak to an expert.  The following schedule gives the date and times of each call-in. 

Line9 Schedule:

October 4              Law Line9                         4pm - 5:30pm             Topic:  Employment

October 9              Buddy Check Line9           6:45am - 8am            Topic:  Breast Cancer

                                                                      4pm - 5:30pm             Topic:  Breast Cancer

October 11           Law Line9                         4pm - 5:30pm             Topic:  Immigration

October 12           Money Line9                    6:45am - 8am               Topic: Retirement           

October 16          Senior Source Line9         4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  Social Security

October 17           9Health Fair Line9           645am - 8am                 Topic: Flu 

October 18            Law Line9                        4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  General

October 19           HOA  Line9                      4pm - 5:30pm         

October 24           Pharmacy  Line9              4pm - 5:30pm

October 25           Law Line9                        4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  Probate

October 31          Dental Line9                     6:45am - 8am

November 1         Law Line9                        4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  General

November 2         Drive for Life Line9           4pm - 5:30pm               Topic: Blood Donation     

November 8          Law Line9                        4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  Veterans

November 9          Buddy Check Line9           6:45am - 8am            Topic:  Lung Cancer
                                                                      4pm - 5:30pm             Topic:  Lung Cancer
November 14        9Health Fair Line9           4pm - 5:30pm               Topic: Heart Health

November 15          Law Line9                        4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  Family

November 16            Pharmacy  Line9              4pm - 5:30pm

November  29          Law Line9                        4pm - 5:30pm               Topic:  General



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