Could you give up online shopping for a month?

This past weekend was a challenge for me keeping to my "OVER IT" pledge to not do any online shopping.Now it wasn't the usual suspects that gave me trouble, you know, cars, guitars, mandolins. No temptation there at all.Where I ran into problems was nor

KUSA - OK, been through the first weekend while pledging to do no online shopping.  

I’ve done just fine for not wasting time with big-ticket fantasy shopping (cars, musical instruments).

The challenge has been to normal life.  

You know it’s amazing how even “brick-and-mortar” stores use the web to allow you to shop.  So groceries, hardware, yard supplies are all easier to shop for on the web.  

Boy, it was tough doing a price comparison and even learning whether a store had a given item or not without using the web.

I want to end on an up note!  

I used online advertising to sell a bass guitar that I had purchased in the spring.  


It’s exciting to be able to use the same tools to liquidate things as I used to snag them in the first place.

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