Fmr. Mexican cop wanted for rape, arrested for rape in Aurora

9NEWS at 5 p.m. 10/14/16.

AURORA - A former Mexican police officer wanted in his home country as a suspect for multiple rapes, has been arrested in Aurora, accused of sexually assaulting a woman, with her one-year-old son in the apartment.

Ricardo Corral-Venegas, 25, was arrested Thursday. He’s accused of sexually assaulting a woman in one Aurora apartment, and trying to barge into another apartment occupied by a woman in the same condominium complex. Police said Corral-Venegas knocked on the victim’s doors, asked for a glass water, then tried in one case and succeeded in another, to force his way inside.

In the incident on Oct.4, Aurora Police believe he sexually assaulted the victim at knife-point, after making her put down her one-year-old son. That incident was unsolved until police say Corral-Venegas tried to force his way into another home Oct. 13. The woman there fought him off and called 911.

According to the arrest report, Corral-Venegas was arrested on Oct. 13, after he tried to force his way into an apartment and asked for a drink of water.

The arrest report says an 18-year-old woman answered the door, after hearing a knock. She told police the man asked if her parents or if “her man” were home. She said no. The man then asked for water, asked about her parents’ insurance and then “lunged” and started pushing the door open.

She shut the door and called police.

Police arrested Corral-Venegas a short time later at a restaurant nearby. He had in his possession a Dollar Tree shopping bag with zip ties in it.

A further search of the area around the restaurant and along the suspect’s condo complex exit revealed a hat and a pair of sunglasses he was wearing, as well as a large kitchen knife with a metallic handle just inches away from the other two items.

Court records say the responding officer recognized the suspect’s behavior as similar to a reported sex assault he responded to at the same condominium complex on Oct. 4.

According to the arrest report, the victim from the Oct. 4th incident told police, a man knocked on her door around 2 p.m. He asked “if her man was home.” She told him no. The victim then said the man asked if he could wash her car and if he could have a glass of water. She tried to close the door again, but he pushed his way into her apartment.

Court records say the man, later identified as Corral-Venegas, tackled the victim to the floor, pulled a butcher knife from his front waistband and told her to shut up when she started screaming.

According to court records, Corral-Venegas also asked the victim for cash. When she told him she didn’t have cash, she gave him all of her bank cards with pin numbers. He put on gardening gloves before touching the credit cards.

Court records say the victim was standing in the hallway holding her son, when Corral-Venegas started inappropriately touching her. She pleaded with him, saying “Please, no.”

According to the affidavit, the victim says the suspect told her to put her baby down and then he proceeded to sexually assault her. He then instructed her go to the bathroom and wash herself.

Police believe Corral-Venegas produced a bag of zip ties and threatened to kill the victim and her son if she called police, records say. He eventually left, but didn’t take her credit cards.

The victim called police and helped them put together a composite of the suspect, identified as Corral-Venegas after the attempted break-in Thursday.

According to the Aurora Police report, detectives showed Corral-Venegas an article in the Mexican media that accused him of using a red motorcycle and pretending to be a courier before allegedly sexually attacking his victims.

Corral-Venegas confirmed to APD he was a four-year police veteran from Mexico who quit for personal problems. He told police he had a “dual personality.”

He told APD he’d been in Colorado for three months and lived in the same condominium where he’s accused of attacking women. He denied attempting to force his way into a home of the woman who pushed him out, denied the sexual assault, and told APD investigators he questioned the integrity of their DNA analysis from the crime.

Corral-Venegas told detectives he wasn’t wanted for rapes in Mexico but admitted he was wanted for other crimes there.

According to Mexican media coverage this summer, Corral-Venegas is wanted in Mexico because he was “raping women in businesses and homes for more than six months,” according to one news site.

“He wore a red motorcycle with black and pretending to be an employee of a courier company to sexually assault their victims, who threatened them with his gun charge,” one media outlet published this summer.

He was known by Mexican media as the “Motorized Rapist”.

Corral-Venegas appeared in an Arapahoe County courtroom this morning, for his first appearance for the cases in the United States.

He currently has no bond and is facing charges of sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree burglary.

Aurora Police are asking anyone who believes they may have been victimized by Corral-Venegas to contact them.

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