Former Berthoud officer sentenced for abuse

BERTHOUD - The now-17-year-old daughter abused by a former Berthoud police officer said she loved him and wanted him to get help.

Jeremy Yachik was sentenced on Monday to three years probation and was ordered to go through a domestic violence evaluation, plus treatment. The judge also ordered Yachik to complete 80 hours of community service within 18 months. Yachik was also granted a 30-day work release. His sentence will start on Sept. 1.

Yachik was shown on video punching and kicking his daughter, reportedly because she wouldn't communicate with him. 9NEWS is withholding the name of the teenage girl because she's a underage victim in this case.

The abuse was caught on camera by an ex-girlfriend. She then sent the video of the abuse to Berthoud Police and the media.

Defense attorney Troy Krenning told the judge the video, more than a minute long, was recorded in May 2011.

"I'm not trying to justify in any way what we've seen and heard in that video," Krenning said. "He's remorseful, mortified, heartbroken, all the things you'd imagine he would be. He misses his family."

Yachik spoke to 9NEWS Crime and Justice Reporter Anastasiya Bolton Monday morning after his sentencing. He told Anastasiya that he deeply regretted his actions and loves his daughter.

"Don't believe everything you read in the media; no offense," Yachik told Anastasiya after his sentencing. "There's two sides to every story, and I am an honorable person. I do have integrity and ethics, and I'm not this person they've made me out to be."

He did admit to Anastasiya that his actions were not the correct approach to the situation.

"Don't judge me on one-minute-and-13-seconds of my life," Yachik said. "Judge me on the last 19 years of my life. Judge me on the [next] 20 years of my life. My record as a police officer speaks for itself."

Yachik told Anastasiya what he was doing was physically disciplining his daughter.

"Calling it a beating, I think, is completely inappropriate," Yachik said. "Was it a beating? No. Did it cause an injury? No. Was I being a jerk? Absolutely. Could I have handled it better? Absolutely. Would I ever handle a situation like that again? No."

Yachik went on to describe his actions as deplorable.

"There is no justification for it," Yachik said. "As far as the video goes, I take 100 perfect responsibility for that. I could've handled it completely differently, and a lot better."

Yachik's daughter spoke during the sentencing on Monday.

"I don't hate him as a person," Yachik's daughter said. "I hate the things that he did. I still love him as my dad. I want him to get help. I'm recommending five days probation. I want him to take parenting and anger-management classes."

Yachik's daughter told the court she had "experienced a lot in the last seven years."

"I wake up in the middle of the night screaming," she said. "I have an attachment disorder. I struggle with relationships and trust. I've been told I have PTSD."

Yachik was fired from his Berthoud Police Department job. The chief of police resigned after the firing, and the entire police department has been disbanded.

Yachik originally faced four charges of child abuse and one charge of false imprisonment. In April, Yachik pleaded guilty to a class-two misdemeanor.

Yachik's fiance Stevie Swanger told the court she's known Yachik for more than a year. She said Yachik's daughter has been in a children's home.

"She was lying, not doing chores," Swanger said of the then-15-year-old daughter. "It was apparent she was hanging out with people who had a negative influence on her."

Swanger told the judge her family has received death threats, and her children have been "interrogated" at school.

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The prosecutors were not asking for jail time.

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