Kid dresses to impress, hopes to become president

LAKEWOOD - While most 10-year-old boys are concerned with things like the latest video games or sports, Jeremiah Irving is focused on something else - being President of the United States.

"I just wanted to be President because as President I want to help people," Jeremiah said.

He is a fourth grader at Eiber Elementary in Lakewood and often dresses up in a suit and tie to look the part. For now, he taken on the duty of a lesser office.

"He is fascinated with becoming the President and has convinced his classmates that he is the 'President of the Playground'," Ballantyne said "He walks around and talks to kids about proper behavior, but he doesn't do it any way to insult them or talk down to them. He is pretty masterful for a 10-year-old, he already has that political finesse and schmooze and people just buy into what he is saying."

He calls the jungle gym his "White House" where he meets his "senior staff" to solve playground problems.

"Missing football, missing basketball for the playground," Jeremiah said. "It just pops up, you know, and as the President, I feel like I'm kinda ready for anything that's gonna pop my way."

Ballantyne says his example is rubbing off on other students who have now 'bumped up' their wardrobe to match Jeremiah's. He wears a suit and tie at least four days a week.

"Most of the days a suit and tie because it makes me feel good," Jeremiah said. "It makes me feel comfortable."

Jeremiah lives with his grandmother.

"I don't know any kids like him that get up every day and dress in a suit and tie for regular public school," Wendy Irving, grandmother, said. "I do have a feeling that this child is going somewhere."

Friday morning, State Senator Andy Kerr (D) Lakewood, paid Jeremiah and his classmates a visit in the classroom after hearing about his desire to be President of the United States.

"Astounding to see fourth graders who are ready, willing, and able to step up and be part of the political process," Kerr said.

But. there is a serious side to his desire to be work in the Oval Office.

"As President of the United States, I want to help with immigration laws," Jeremiah said.

His father was deported to Mexico. He is concerns about relations between the Federal government and Native Americans.

"He's making a (pretend) passport for himself because he wants to reunite with his father and he doesn't always understand why the Untied States has kicked his father out of his country," Wendy Irving said. "He comes from a Native American background (on his mother's side) and he's always asking me why are these things this way for tribal people."

She has custody of Jeremiah because of what Wendy Irving calls "struggles" with his mother. Jeremiah has switched schools multiple times because of his family issues. He want to prove to everyone that anyone can be President of the United States no matter how rough things can get and how boring politics may seem to other fourth graders.

"Yeah, I understand it's kinda boring, but to me it feels like you can actually be a part of something," Jeremiah said.

Next year in fifth grade, he plans to run for the office of Student Council President at Eiber Elementary.

""That's the only thing that matters to me is helping people," Jeremiah said.

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