9Health Fair: A chance to prevent silent killers

KUSA - Many diseases are considered silent killers because little or no physical symptoms present until it's too late. If you're proactive about monitoring your health, you might be able to catch symptoms early.

High blood pressure can be dangerous. It's important to know your family history related to this, because genetics can put you in the high risk category for high blood pressure. There often are not symptoms of having high blood pressure. When you attend a 9Health Fair, you'll be able to get a free screening. A good blood pressure should be 120/80, or below. If high blood pressure is left untreated, your body can be damaged. You have a higher risk for having a heart attack or a stroke. You can prevent high blood pressure through a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management, and limiting alcohol intake.

Heart disease is another silent killer. According to the American Heart Association, it's the number 1 killer of men and women. Symptoms can include: sudden chest pain, chest pain during exercise, excessive shortness of breath. But these symptoms do not show up until the condition is in an advanced stage. To detect heart disease, 9Health Fair offers a cardiac risk assessment and a stress management screening. Both of these screenings are free.

Cancer may be talked about openly now, it can still be a silent killer. Annual checks can help detect problems. 9Health Fair's blood cell count screening ($15) will check many levels in your blood. The way those numbers turn out can indicate if you have a cancer, like leukemia or lymphoma. Free cancer screenings offered by 9Health Fair: breast screening, oral health screening, pap smear screening, prostate/testicular screening, and skin screening.

Not all screenings will be available at all fairs. To find out what screenings will be available at which locations, go to www.9healthfair.org/findafair and pick a screening from the drop down menu.

You can learn about all the screenings possible here: http://9healthfair.org/find/screenings.aspx

You can find a fair in your community by visiting: www.9healthfair.org/findafair.

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