How to keep weight off during summer

KUSA -Summer break is fast approaching for students, and some dieticians are warning more kids are gaining weight during this time off.

"People assume their kids are going to be out and more active - which sometimes is the case - but a lot of kids have more time to themselves," Stephanie Hancock, a registered dietician with Kaiser Permanente, said. "They're not in their routine, so they tend to wind up having more screen time, and they tend to be snacking more during that time."

Kaiser Permanente has developed an easy-to-remember plan to help parents keep kids healthy and active over summer break. The "5-2-1-none" approach calls for the following each day: five servings of fruits or vegetables, two hours or less of screen time, one or more hour of physical activity, and zero sweetened beverages.

Hancock says this plan is not just for kids, but for parents and grandparents to follow too.

"Everybody can benefit from more fruits and vegetables, everybody can benefit from more activity, everybody can benefit by cutting out sugar from our diets," Hancock said.

Kaiser Permanente is also a sponsor of a three-part series on HBO called "The Weight of the Nation," which follows kids supporting healthy eating initiatives in schools and developing campaigns for increased physical activity. Kaiser encourages families to mesh the "5-2-1-none" plan with healthy lifestyle changes shown in the series.

"The Weight of the Nation" premieres Tuesday on HBO and is available to anyone regardless of subscription. Episodes from the series will also be available online.


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