Paleo Diet: Craze sweeping the nation

KUSA - It's a diet that has a weird nickname but thousands are swearing by it, not only for weight loss but overall health.

Tuesday, we continue our series Workin' It Out, Workin' it Off and we're talking about the Paleo Diet- sometimes known as, The "Caveman" or the "Stone age" diet.

It's a diet that's become wildly popular over the last 2 years and is used by everyone from Celebrities such as Megan Fox and Uma Thurman- to many of the endurance athletes that you see competing in marathons, ironman, and the Olympics.

It's less a diet than a lifestyle change for many who've seen the side effects that it has.

Ann and Paul Wilson have competed in marathons and triathlons for years. Their training is no joke. But even with all the exercise, they needed something more. The foods they were putting into their body were not cutting it.

In June 2012, they decided to give the Paleo lifestyle a try.

To put it simply, it consists of a lot of protein such as meat and eggs, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. It eliminates the non-optimal food groups like dairy, legumes and processed foods. It consists of switching to more natural oils like coconut and different forms of sugars.

Ann has cooked everything from doughnuts to lasagna. Even their Thanksgiving dinner used only paleo-ingredients.

The results, both inside and out, have been life-changing. It's not only taken their endurance training and performance to a different level, but their overall health and lifestyle as well.

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