Saving money on OTC drugs

KUSA - When it comes to saving money we often look for lower cost alternatives. But we don't always do that with over the counter medicines we take or give to our family members. This could be because the way these meds are labeled can make it hard to figure out what lower cost substitutes are available. Your best bet is to become a label reader and ask the pharmacist about any low cost alternatives to medications you're used to purchasing.

Sometimes the cost savings can come from generics, other times it can come from just getting the basic medication you need without any extra labeling. When picking out medication make sure you turn the bottle around and look at the label. Look for the "active ingredient".

Compare this to generic medications with the same active ingredient or ingredients. If the generic has identical active ingredients and dosage it'll work the same as the brand name medication and cost less. But even when it comes to brand medications you might also be able to save money by comparing a certain brands own products. The easiest way to do this is to look beyond the front of the bottle or box and read the label, again looking for the active ingredient. If you notice one with the same active ingredients and strength per pill, or in the case of children's medication recommended dosage, then going for the less expensive one should save you money.

A pharmacist can help you sort out any confusion and make sure your buying the medication you need at the best price you can find.


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