What you need to know about allergy attacks

KUSA - From a runny nose to itchy eyes and throat - some Coloradans might be feeling these symptoms of allergies this time of year.

Allergies are a big problem, and it seems they get worse year by year. According to the National Jewish Health, the pollen count for Denver will be high on Wednesday and Thursday and very high for Friday and Saturday.

9NEWS medical expert Dr. John Torres says it's best to avoid being outside before 10 a.m. or late in the evening because that's when things pollinate.

He says during windy, dry days, stay inside with the air conditioning on and don't roll down your car windows.

Dr. John also recommends washing your hair before bedtime. He says hair acts like a sponge when it comes to pollen. Your pillow will fill up with pollen, and you'll breathe it in all night if you don't wash your hair beforehand.

So what works when treating allergies?

Dr. John says to first starting using an over-the-counter allergy pill every day. They key is to use it every day so your system gets treated constantly. Then, can move to a nasal spray if you're still feeling discomfort.

If neither of those work, that probably means you have a severe case of allergies that is out of control.

Dr. John says go to your doctor for a steroid pill or shot. That steroid will get your system under control again.

Through Facebook, many 9NEWS viewers suggested they use local raw honey to beat their allergies. Some say the natural pollens in local honey can expose your body to allergens and over time help with allergy problems. Doctors say honey isn't necessarily a scientific cure, but if you think you feel better, you may want to try it.

Cold vs. Allergies

How do you know if you have one or the other?

Dr. John says a cold comes on over time. You'll have body aches, fever, cough and a sore throat.

With allergies, you'll see the runny nose come on quickly after you've been outside. You'll also have itchy eyes and throat, along with a stuffy nose.

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