Workout Wednesday: P90X and Insanity

KUSA - At-home workout programs like insanity and P90x are popular right now, but some wonder about safety issues.

9NEWS fitness expert Jamie Atlas broke down some techniques and information for 9NEWS viewers:


This popular exercise is often abused and done incorrectly. When completing a burpee be sure to drop down carefully and without bouncing of the low back or rounding of the shoulders. For a safer option on shoulders, use a platform or park bench to prevent you dropping down to the ground all the way.

Straight leg drops

The straight leg drop is a popular exercise, but not one that everyone should do when starting out. A safer option is to bend the knees and pump the legs 'windmill style'. You can also place a towel under the low back and press down on it. When you lose pressure on the towel, you'll know your low back is losing control.


One arm push-ups can be dangerous and overwhelming. Instead, try a one arm plank with very wide foot position. Hold that and maintain good shoulder position for most of the benefits and none of the risk.

Tuck Jumps

Jumping and tucking can be traumatic for low backs, the dynamic rounding of the back can cause instability and be a source of future problems. Furthermore, the active drawing in of the hips can over-activate the hip flexors, contributing to more low back pain. As a safe alternative, jump up on a step or stool and step back down, bringing up the knees high when jumping but not so high as to lose neutral spine position.

Jamie Atlas is also the lead personal trainer and owner of Bonza Bodies Fitness Studios. Call 1-866-609-5004 or email with questions on this segment

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