5 occasions when leaders should send handwritten notes

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - Q: What is the right way to communicate with an employee about personal issues like a death in his/her family, a new baby, or other significant events?


The thought certainly counts, but,as renowned communication philosopher Marshall McLuhan explained, “The medium is the message.” In other words, the medium you choose (email, phone call, note, etc.) not only affects what your message says, but also influences how it is perceived.

At critical junctures in a person’s life like those you mention, taking the extra time to send hand-written notes conveys a message of genuine concern and caring.

Today, we are so wired, linked-in and text-happy that many of our relationships are conducted virtually. We interact with each other’s gadgets, not each other. The result is that we have lost the art of uniquely personal, meaningful communication.

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