Police impersonator stops woman in Sheridan

SHERIDAN - Sheridan Police are searching for an alleged police impersonator who stopped a woman.

The woman said she did not think it was an officer when he pulled her over Wednesday morning in the 3800 block of South Santa Fe and West Oxford Avenue.

The woman said the man was driving a black car, was white, about 6 feet 1 inch tall with blond hair.

"I'm still scared, other people need to know what to do, if this happens to them," she said. "I told him I didn't do anything wrong."

9NEWS is protecting her identity.

The traffic stop was during the middle of morning rush hour.

"I just started to feel kind of nauseous and scared," she said.

But not those feelings, Sheridan police think the man who pulled her over was impersonating an officer.

"I was just a wreck, I want everyone to know, men and women, be aware, this can happen at anytime," the woman said.

She was on Santa Fe and had moved her car to the shoulder. A man wearing all black, black gloves and sunglasses, came to her door, took her license and registration. The woman said he showed no emotion and was stone-faced.

"My gut told me something's not right , I didn't do anything wrong," she said.

But the man then asked her to get out of her car, not once but twice. Torn over what to do, she drove away and called 911. The man didn't chase her.

"Cars that are unmarked and used for traffic enforcement have a lot of lights," said Sheridan Police Chief, Mark Campbell.

The car during this stop did not. It had just one, on the dash. Campbell says his unmarked cars have several lights, including lights on the top visor, the grill and side mirrors. And there are side lights and back lights.

Besides that, real officers will have identification, which you can ask to see.

"If there's any doubt advise the person who's pulling you over, you don't feel comfortable," said Campbell. "The easiest way, if you're not sure which jurisdiction or who's pulling you over, dial 911."

And trust your instincts.

"If I would've got out of the car, I don't know If I would be sitting here and that's scary"

The man never said why he pulled the woman over, and he never identified himself either. Police say these are two red flags that show he wasn't who he said he was.

Anyone with information on the traffic stop should call the Sheridan Police department or 911.


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