Eric Larson embarks on 'Last North' expedition

KUSA – Polar explorer, and Boulder, Colo. resident, Eric Larsen is trying to break a record. Larsen is heading to the North Pole in an attempt to cross the Arctic Ocean from Northern Ellesmere Island to the geographic North Pole with a distance of roughly 500 miles.

That in itself is not a record, but Larsen and his partner Ryan Waters, plan on doing it in less than 49-days unsupported. Unsupported means they plan on traversing over the icy waters carrying all the gear needed to survive the frigid temperatures using only human means. No vehicles, no animals and no help from the environment.

"The Arctic Ocean is a place being affected by climate change more than most on the planet," Larsen said. "There's no land there. The ice is just floating on water; polar bears just live on the ice most of the year."

"I want to get people excited about cold and help them understand how important a role that Arctic Ocean ice plays in a healthy environment."

Larsen is allowing fans and those interested to keep track of his progress through the use of a satellite tracking beacon and photos from his cell phone.

He conducts his expeditions with the attitude that it may never happen again.

"People have talked about exploration and used the phrase, 'because it's there'. I think a better way to look at it is because it might not be there in the future."

The dangers Larsen will be facing are vast and the chances for something to go wrong is always present. But, he won't let that detract from his passions.

"Passion does have a price. But I feel this journey is a very important one to take."

Larsen and Waters begin their expedition this March.


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