Haunted Mine Drop Ride now being installed at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Workers have been digging the 110-foot deep shaft that will hold the new ride since last fall, but have just started the actual installation.

KUSA - One of Colorado's most anticipated new attractions of the year, is being installed this week at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

Workers had been digging out the 110-foot deep shaft that will hold the new Haunted Mine Drop ride since last fall, but just started the actual installation on Monday.

The attraction will be similar to other drop-style rides -- like Disney's Tower of Terror. It's on USA Today's list of the 12 most anticipated theme park rides of 2017.

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The owner of the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Steve Beckley, says being compared to a major park like Disney is an honor.

"It really makes us feel like our efforts have really come to fruition," he said.

He added having the new attraction in a small park, will be even better for visitors.

"Our attendance is much lower, so people will actually be able to come and ride it multiple times and ride all the other rides," Beckley said.

What's unique about the mine drop ride is it will resemble an actual mine shaft and will include actual mining history with a ghost story built around it.

"Basically the story is it is a 100 year-old mine that was shutdown because it was haunted. So we're reopening it and it's your first day on the job and you're going to come work for us and we drop you down this pit," Beckley said. 

The goal is to have the ride open by the Fourth of July holiday, but that depends on the weather.

"Right now we are in a rainy, lightning storm and we're off the tower until that passes. So depending on weather and stuff, but our goal is to have it open by Fourth of July week," Beckley said.

The drop ride isn't the only new thing visitors will see at the park.

A new entrance and plaza, a 200-person banquet facility and a melodrama theater have also been added.

Beckley says the park is prepared for an increase in visitors wanting to check out the new features over the summer.

It now has three military-style vehicles that can carry an additional 35 people up the mountain to the park.

That's in addition to the tram ride visitors normally take.

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