Crude emails sparked investigation that led to U.S. Marshals transfer

Probably has something to with this internal email we found.

DENVER - Details are surfacing about what led up to the immediate transfer of three top supervisors from Denver’s U.S. Marshals Service office to the department’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

9Wants to Know has confirmed with two independent sources that an investigation into inappropriate behavior on the part of deputies in the Denver office has prompted the move of the three to headquarters as well as the transfer of a fourth deputy to the Marshals Service office in Atlanta.

Acting U.S. Marshal Kenneth Deal, a longtime fixture in the Denver office, acting Chief Rodney Robinson and acting Assistant Chief Steven Wallish were all transferred to Washington. Warrant Supervisor Charlie Ahmad was moved to the Marshals Service’s Atlanta office.

The investigation started following complaints about an email asking numerous employees in the Denver Marshals office to vote in a “deputy of the quarter” contest. Those included in the email chain were asked to choose between three different candidates – their profiles included criticism of the U.S. Attorney’s Office and federal judges as well as references to suicide and the ability of one candidate to hold his liquor.

“It’s common for law enforcement to engage in gallows humor,” said Lonnie Schaible, assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of Colorado Denver. “What I see in this goes beyond gallows humor.”
9Wants to Know has independently authenticated the email.

One of the candidate descriptions claims to be written by the nominee himself, although 9NEWS has not been able confirm that he wrote the first-person description himself.

The nomination for Blue Jones starts with the line, “F*&^ this place. I nominate myself, here is my write up.”

Later in the description, Jones complains about federal judges and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, it “pretty much phones in every single one of their court appearances, and the judges we currently have believe literally nobody should be detained.”

Later, the e-mail purportedly written by Jones compares his place of work to the Titanic and says, “This place has completely gone to hell in a hand basket.”

The e-mail continues, “I take pride in my ability to fight off the daily desire to suck start my service issued sidearm.”

According to an 11-page newsletter that includes writings by numerous members of Denver’s U.S. Marshals Service office, Jones was named fourth quarter Deputy U.S. Marshal. The announcement refers to him as “50 Shades of Blue Jones.”

Another candidate, Tom Rohn, is described in the e-mail as a “quiet and awesome” man who is “Colorado’s top shooter and most handsome range Instructor.” The writeup goes on to say, “Although Tom can only hold his alcohol like a high school girl after a few apple pucker shots, his friendly demeanor, positive attitude and great work ethic make him one of the favorite deputies around the office.”

The third nominee named in the e-mail was “Rescue Randy” – his profile included a photograph of a resuscitation doll and a description that states, “He is also always ready for an open mouth kiss....”

Drew Wade, chief of the U.S. Marshals Service Office of Public Affairs, would not comment on specific quotes in the email. He did tell 9NEWS the new acting U.S. Marshal for the district is assessing the situation in the office.

“Incoming leadership will conduct a review of a number of district-specific programs and operations, and make changes as necessary,” Wade said in a statement to 9NEWS.

Wade would not would not comment beyond the statement. Neither would a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

“The fact they are so brazen about this, the people who are writing this dominates the culture,” Schaible, the professor, said. “It doesn’t seem as if there is a fear of getting caught.”

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