Inside Story: Unraveling the 'iScheme' at Apple Stores

KUSA - When I first received the tip for this story, I was quite skeptical. I had to see it for myself.

I first saw the numerous signing of signatures by homeless men right in the middle of the Apple store.

Then I saw the iPhone transactions between an employee and this crew who have been cruising the 16th Street Mall and plasma donation clinics for their "credit mules."

These guys were so brazen, they had a group of homeless men waiting outside the store. Once one person was done signing away and giving over their phones, they would finger in another person for another round of signatures.

I was floored.

How can Apple allow this scheme to happen in their stores?

Are Apple employees told to ignore this unethical behavior and if so, why?

Maybe there's a good reason. Maybe Apple has its hands tied. Maybe not.

So far Apple hasn't responded to these questions as my report makes its way through tech websites and the front page of Reddit.

Sadly, caught in the middle of this nation-wide problem are homeless and the poor who may not understand what they are really getting into when they get lured into this scheme.

Dan Connor, a homeless advocate at the Denver Rescue Mission said it best.

"How are you going to comprehend the long term ramification of things when you're just worried about where your next meal is coming from?" Connor asked.

This is exactly why I did this story.

The exploitation of the homeless and poor is a serious matter.

Often police can't do anything because they are either too busy or the scheme may not be considered a crime on because adults are consenting with their signatures.

In the coming weeks I will be monitoring this scheme and I anticipate there will be an update, especially with the two criminal cases out of Lone Tree.

Until then, I hope my story will help save people from even more money troubles.

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