DNA test gives Gary Shapiro a glimpse into his ancestry

Have you ever ran into some pictures around your house and wondered, who are these people and where did they come from? I did.

DENVER – Have you ever found pictures like this around your house and wondered, “who are these people?”

I did a little digging and found they are all part of my family.

The two really old looking pictures of the Eastern European looking women are my great grandmothers.

I grew up with my mom’s mom and dad in Nebraska, they were wonderful people. And while I didn’t know my dad’s parents very well, I met his mom when I was very young.

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Then there are the really old pictures of yourself that you run into.

I found one with my brother and I standing in front of a really cool looking Dodge from the 1960s, I think.

Wish I had that car today!

This all got me thinking about my ancestry, so when the station suggested I take a DNA test, I jumped at the chance.

On the morning show Thursday, I’ll reveal what I found out.

Did my family come from where I think they came from?

Am I related to anyone cool?

Is Bruce Springsteen my second cousin?

So many questions...

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