New car donated to disabled woman after theft

DENVER - A local car dealership has donated a new car to the Denver woman living with cerebral palsy whose car was stolen on the Fourth of July.

Susanne Brasset received her Toyota Camry Wednesday morning. She was overjoyed.

"It's amazing," Brasset said. "I hope in some way, I can pay it forward as well because I have a feeling now this is a unique situation. [I'm] very humbled by it."

The dealership did not want to be interviewed by 9NEWS because they wanted the focus to remain on Brasset.

"It's so nice," Brasset said. "It's a luxury. I'm very aware of how lucky and fortunate I am."

Brasset said her previous car that was stolen had served her well for 13 years. She fled Hurricane Katrina in it. She took it on road trips, and more importantly, all around Denver for her freelance photography gigs.

Brasset says she works when and where she can, otherwise she lives on Social Security. Her physical condition limits what she can do.

On July 4, she walked out to her parking spot behind the apartment building, and the green Honda Civic was missing. She reported it to Denver Police.

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After 9NEWS featured Susanne Brasset's story, many people reached out wanting to donate. In fact, so many people reached out that she had to set up a fund.

"I live right by 9NEWS, I mean, it's right there," Brasset said. "I know what the temperature at my house is because, when they're in the backyard, they're in my backyard. I say that all the time. When [Anastasiya Bolton] called me, I was like 'I'm sorry, who's this?' [She] said it again. I immediately knew who [she was.] I was like 'really? You're actually calling me?'"

People moved by Brasset's story donated $10,000 to help her get another car.

"When [Anastasiya] called me and told me there was a person who wanted to donate $2,000 to me, I was like,'first of all, who had that kind of cash? And second of all, that's incredible!'"

Brasset said a car meant independence to her.

"The community support is just simply amazing," Brasset said. "I'm so humbled and grateful. I want to thank each and every one of them. The New Orleans girl in me feels like I could make them all red beans and rice."

Police recovered her stolen 1993 Honda Civic. However, the car was severely damaged.

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Brasset said she offered the local dealership money for the car from the dollars people donated, but the dealership declined, insisting on donation.

"I know not everyone gets an opportunity to have their story told on the news and many people are victims of car theft each and every day," Brasset said. "As a long time viewer of 9NEWS I've seen the stories how people have come together to help others in need. When it personally happens to you though, the feeling is indescribable. I have made Denver, Colorado my home for over five and a half years. It's a beautiful place. The people are friendly, and the world should know about the amazing generosity of the community here and across the state."

The Toyota Camry Brasset received has its own story. A 77-year-old woman was driving it until last week until her children made her accept a newer car as a gift. 9NEWS spoke to the woman's daughter. She said her mother was very modest and is unlikely to do an interview. But, she was in tears when forced to give up her Camry. The 77-year-old is said to have insisted the car didn't go to auction and someone good take over ownership. Little did she know, the car would be given to Basset.

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