People really want to know why Adele Arakawa is wearing glasses

She'll be getting corrective surgery for her eyes soon.

KUSA - Our Next Question comes from a couple of viewers, all wondering why local TV news legend Adele Arakawa is rocking specs on the TV box.

We went straight to the source for an answer.

"I honestly didn't think people would notice that. I'm wearing glasses. I've worn them for the past couple of weeks. There is a reason. These are not a fashion statement. I'm having Lasik done tomorrow, on Friday. I've had people call or email and ask, where did you get your glasses?

"These are 10-years-old.

"I have a pair that are 20-years-old.

"And to be able to see here,

"I have to do this (puts on both glasses at the same time).

"These are kind of my improvised bifocals, if you want to call them that. So anyway, long story short, as of Monday, no more glasses."

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