RTD launches campaign to remind folks not to be the worst on public transportation

RTD has started using the hashtag #DontBeJimmy.

KUSA - Regional Transportation District wants to gently remind you not to show your anus on public transportation.

In its latest code of conduct, RTD released a lengthy 53-point list (in the style of an adorable curmudgeon of a cartoon character, Jimmy) of what not to do when you're on a bus, train or light rail.

Some of the suggestions, like "causing disruptive odor" and "walking in a vehicle while barefoot" are kind of funny, while others may actually be a legitimate reminder.

Point 13 prohibits "eating on any RTD vehicle unless and solely to the extent medically necessary."

And if you've ever been on a bus and seen someone using their iPhone speakers to play music or carry on a full on phone conversation, guess what?

That's against the rules, according to point 17.

Also, there are strict guidelines for those who wish to transport Rover or Mr. Whiskers via public transportation. Animals that are trained to assist a person with a disability (or in training to do so) are allowed. Other pets must be in the appropriate animal carrier.

Another note -- despite the fact marijuana is legal in Colorado, RTD says to toke up elsewhere. And yes, that applies to your vape pen, bro.

For the most part, RTD's rules oscillate between "be a decent human being" and "don't do anything illegal."

If you want to read all 53 points (including multiple sub-sections!) click here

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