No evidence shots were fired at Rose Medical

9NEWS @ 4. 9/19/2016

DENVER - Denver Police say they’ve found no evidence of an active shooter at Rose Medical Center Friday, this is after DPD spent hours investigating reports of a man with a gun at the hospital or nearby. 
On Monday, Special Operations Commander Patrick Phelan answered questions from the press about the extensive search for a reported armed man that led to street closures Friday, as well as hospital personnel and patients sheltering in place and unable to leave.
“Our main concern obviously in this type of situation is the safety of the public,” Phelan said. “The safety of the patients in the hospital, the safety of the staff. We want to address that situation if that is an active shooter, which turns out it probably wasn’t.”

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Denver Police say they received the first call of a man with a gun from Rose Medical Center security staff around 2:30 p.m. Friday. DPD arrived on scene, did a search, but found nothing. DPD said they then received a 911 call at 4:18 of shots fired.
That led to a 4-hour-long clearing of the building and SWAT response.
But nothing was found and on Monday, Phelan said there may not have been an active shooter at all.
There was no evidence of any shots fired, grainy surveillance video police haven't shared with 9NEWS, they describe, shows someone was in fact in the area.
“It appears possibly now this guy was walking down the alley maybe recovered that weapon wherever it is from a dumpster or something and just continued on by the hospital and was observed doing that,” Phelan said. 
DPD says in cases like this, where there are a lot of people and several buildings, information changes.
“Doesn’t look at this point in time that he ever made it to the hospital,” Phelan told reporters. “Probably just walked by the hospital, but was carrying something that could’ve been a pellet gun, a BB gun, really can’t tell from the video, still under investigation, still trying to locate that individual.”
Police say they rather people report something suspicious. It's good training and they rather have an ending like Friday’s where they came and everyone is safe.

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